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Warning of King Lear

King Lear written by William Shakespeare presents cautions in the play. Throughout the play, Shakespeare shows his audience the main message, which is by him warning us to understand the mistakes created by the characters. In King Lear written by William Shakespeare caution is used to show the downfall of King Lear and other characters in the play, created by their blindness, their madness, and King Lear’s loss of power, which he had a right to.

Blindness throughout the play is shown by King Lear who is blind toward Cordelia when he asks her to tell him how much she loves him in return for his land. He is blinded by the royalty due to the fact that he is used to having people praise him therefore this causes him not to be able to see the truth. “Here I disclaim my paternal care.” (I i 112). Lear is blinded to see Cordelia’s truth compared to her sisters; he shows his blindness by banishing his daughter from the kingdom and by eliminating her as a daughter. “So young, and so untender!” (I i 105). This also shows King Lears blindness. Gloucester’s blindness also warns the audience of what will become at the end of the play. “I stumbled when I saw…” (IV i 19). Although Gloucester could physically see, he was mentally blind, thus making him unable to see the truth between his two sons, Edgar and Edmund. Instead after having his eyes plucked out by the Duke of Cornwall, he was able to realize the nature of his own sons. This creates the theme of Good vs. Evil. The blindness of the characters also leads to their madness in the play.

King Lears madness is also a warning Shakespeare gives us. Shakespeare shows his audience how, because of his madness, his own downfall is created therefore warning the audience of what will become of Lear throughout the play. “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!” (III ii 1). Lear rages at the storm showing and exposing his anger after he has been kicked out of his...
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