King Lear Dramatization Essay

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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According to the Oxford dictionary, drama is a play for theatre, radio or television which has exciting, emotional or unexpected emotional circumstances. Drama is the form of act that communicates ideas through actions and speeches. For this second semester, we, TESL 1 students need to stage a drama entitled King Lear for our English Studies coursework. Me as part of our class’ drama team members, One Adrenalin is very thankful and proud for the knowledge and precious experiences that I have gained from the very beginning of the original text analysis and understanding process until the day the drama was staged. Through this dramatization process, I have learned on how to work as a team. This important value can help me in my future career as a teacher because according to Elkjær & Wahlgren, teamwork can support organizational learning processes, i.e. a simultaneous development of individual and organization. Through this dramatization coursework, I managed to pick up this value during the process rearranging the drama text to suit it with our corporate theme. Besides, I also learned to collaborate and cooperate with my team members when it comes to our rehearsal. To be honest, almost every night and evening we have to sacrifices our time to attend the rehearsal. So, the collaborative spirit is undeniably shown here when each of us came on time so that our rehearsal will not be delay and each of us have the same opportunity to have enough preparation before our drama was staged. This spirit teaches a very significant value of cooperation for me because for all this while, I always thought that I can succeed on my own without any help from the others but this dramatization has proved that my blind principle is totally wrong and made me realize that somehow there are people who can trust and we can share tears and laughter together. Secondly, I also learned on how to memorize my lines in this drama by using...
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