King Lear

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  • Published : September 28, 2012
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Mr. Schemmel
A.P. Literature
May 14,2012

King Lear by Shakespeare and Candide by Voltaire
Although King Lear by Shakespeare and Candide by Voltaire are very different on the outside they share internal values. King Lear is a play written by William Shakespeare, who was an English poet and playwright who was widely regards as the greatest writer in the English language and the world pre-eminent dramatist (Shakespear, 1998). Candide by Voltaire is a satire, Voltaire was born Francois-Marie Arouet, he use his satirizing style of writing to make fun of the Powerful Frenchmen of his time (voltaire, 1991). The internal values of both books connect them with the Human Condition of man, His love of family in King Lear, with his daughter Cordelia un-condition love for him and Candide love for Lady Cunegonde. The hardship that both characters endured throughout these writing, King Lear by Shakespeare and Candide by Voltaire. While both writing King Lear and Candide show a strong connection between the main characters in love and hardship that both characters suffers , The meaning of love was address different in both writing. The hardship that was endured by both main characters one was self-inflicted in the case of King Lear. The other was misfortune in his life in Candide. The road to recovery or redemption was similar and different in both main characters. In this essay I will be comparing and contrast the love of Candide for Lady Cunegonde and Cordelia love for her Father King Lear. I will compare and contrast the hardship that Candide endure throughout his journey to the hardship King Lear suffer after he gave up his power and kingdom. I will compare and contrast the strength and weakness of King Lear and Candide. Candide love for Miss Cunegonde, who is the attractive daughter of the Baron Of Westphalia, is reference in the beginning chapter ,when Candide is listening to his tutor and oracle of the household Professor Pangloss explain that there is no effect without a cause, and he demonstrate this by observe a woman beauty by looking at how their nose has been form to bear spectacle, their legs are visible and shapely and can been seen through stockings that they wear (voltaire, 1991). Candide thought of Miss Cunegonde and how extremely beautiful she was but he never would have the courage to tell her while listing to Professor Pangloss speak. Candide love for Lady Cunegonde start by having a innocent kiss behind the screen after dinner in the castle where the baron reside (voltaire, 1991). Lady Cunegonde let fall her handkerchief. Candide being a French Gentlemen picked it up. Miss Cunegonde grab his hand, both of their eyes meet and they kissed. Candide love for Lady Cunegonde was demonstrated again ,when he found his old tutor Professor Pangloss, after the castle was destroyed. Candide asked his tutor what has happen to Miss Cunegonde, the pearl of girls and nature’s masterpiece? Pangloss replied she is dead! (voltaire, 1991). Candide fainted at this word. He was awaking with a little bad vinegar on his lips (voltaire, 1991). Cordelia love for King Lear was reference in the beginning of the play when the King Address his three daughter and ask them to explain how much they love him and to what depth of their love. Cordelia stated to her father that “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave. My heart into my mouth. I love your majesty. According to my bond, no more nor less (Shakespear, 1998). Cordelia was stating that she love her father like a daughter should love a child no more or no less. Cordelia love for her father was address again when her father King Lear exile her from his kingdom. Cordelia was more concern with how it will be perceived (Shakespear, 1998). She was concern that her exile would give the impression, that she didn’t love her father. She stated that “I yet beseech your majesty, I’ll do it before I speak-that you make known. It is no vicious blot, murder,...
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