King Lear's Dementia

Topics: King Lear, William Shakespeare, Blindness Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: December 1, 2011
To See or Not To See
Blindness can be interpreted in many different ways. We can speak about blindness in the sense of physical blindness or emotionally blind, even so we can speak about being spiritually blind. In the end, it all comes to one thing, which is that blindness causes you to miss out or not see certain things depending on the subject. A blind man might say he has been blind all his life and has never seen the beauty of a rose but has only smelt the sweet fragrance of it, a devoted Christian might say that one is blind to the love of God who forgives all sins a human makes; a mother who blinded by love does not realize the negative activities her child has been involved in. In life, we sometime fail to see the bigger picture because there are too many things happening at the same time and we are trying to absorb everything in an instance. Like Lear in Shakespeare’s he was blinded by dementia which caused him to make irrational decisions, when Gloucester lost his sight, he managed to see the truth which was right before his eyes all these while. Blindness can be a gift of darkness, it allows you to settle down and focus only on your own thoughts. It helps heighten your senses and enables you to probe deeper than just the surface meaning. Dementia can be said as a form of blindness. It causes King Lear to be blind to the truth around him. He only focused on the nice things and the things he wanted to hear and whomever who dared go against it suffered the consequences of his wrath. Cordelia who refused to flatter him with beautiful lies was disowned by Lear and Kent whom dared speak against Lear advising him about his decision was banished from the country. Lear blinded by dementia gave his kingdom away to his two selfish daughters and asked for only the title as the King and the 150 followers as a show of power. Regan and Goneril not wanting to upset Lear quickly agreed with the decision. In Act3, Scene 4 as Lear begins to speak about his...
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