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King Kong (1933) V.S King Kong (2005)
King Kong is one of the most recognizable motion-picture of all time. Written and produced by Merian C. Cooper, "King Kong, a story worth making two movies about the suspense/thriller, was state of the art when it first came out in 1933, and was brought back to life through current state of the art technology in 2005" (Layton, 2003). The stop-motion animation in the 1933 film and the new and improved computer animation in the 2005 version about this gigantic ape, as well as other comparisons and contrasts, make both movies exciting and timeless.

In comparison, King Kong in 1933 and King Kong in 2005 both have the same plot. Carl Denham was an independent film director famous for shooting animal pictures in remote and exotic locations. In his newest project, Denham wanted to find an uncharted, mysterious island that he imagined would be full of monstrous creatures unseen by the viewing public. In his movie, the monster would be spotlighted along with a leading “damsel in distress.”

Denham recruited a bunch of macho seamen, but is unable to hire an actress for his newest project. His usual agent did not help find anyone because of the dangerous expedition, so Denham went out on the streets of New York searching for a girl for his leading lady. In his search, he met Ann Darrow, a small-time actress who was desperate for work because of the effects of the Great Depression in 1933. Denham took a chance by going with Ann Darrow and tries to convince her to join him on the adventure of a lifetime, offering her the lead in his project.

Captain Englehorn had promised to take Denham to Skull Island where he wanted to film his movie. Before the voyage, the Captain begins to have second thoughts about the trip, and during his attempt to turn around, the ship is lost in fog and crashes into rocks on the island. Denham and the crew explore the island and are attacked by the natives. The natives kidnaped Ann to sacrifice her to their god Kong. Kong then takes Ann to his lair in the island's interior. While the crews search the island for Ann, they battle dinosaurs, giant invertebrates, and other deadly creatures. When Ann is threatened by other dangerous creatures, Kong fights the creatures and keeps her safe.

Denham wanted to rescue Ann and capture Kong as a way to save his job. Ann was afraid of the ape at first but realizes that he is calm and nice to her. Ann entertains Kong with juggling and dancing from the theater. They watch the sunset together and she attempts to communicate with him using sign language. The crew then interferes with Ann’s befriending of the ape, and the ship's crew traps Kong. Ann tries to stop Denham's plan. Kong was drugged with chloroform for the trip to New York, and Denham promises the crew that Kong will make them all rich.

Back in New York, Denham imprisons Kong in chains and a cage, and presents him as the Eighth Wonder of the World on Broadway. Ann refuses to participate in the show, which recreates Kong's capture. Kong becomes upset when he sees that the lead actress is not Ann, and he breaks his chains after the cameras start to flash, which upset him even more. Kong destroyed the theater and ruined Times Square before they can take him away.

The ape and Ann got together in Central Park that made him calm. Kong climbs the Empire State Building with Ann in his hand. While he was on the top, he started to make a signal which meant beautiful. As they set on the top of the Empire State Building, Ann was not afraid. They were glad and at ease in each other’s company. Much to Ann’s surprise and dismay, Kong was attacked by airplanes. She tried to waive them off but he was hit by many bursts of gunfire. Finally, there were too many bullets for Kong to remain alive. When Kong fell to his death, he looks at Ann. While Ann is crying, hundreds of people run to Kong's body.

Peter Jackson, the director of the 2005 version, wanted to create the feeling he...
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