King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

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King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
One often hears of King Arthur and his noble knights, and the book by Roger Lancelyn Green portrays this story eloquently. Throughout this story, the reader experiences the adventures and trials of King Arthur and his knights. This book has many exciting endeavors of heroism and fortitude. The author really brings to life King Arthur and his many knights of the round table.

In book one, it tells of the beginnings of Arthur and his knights. It starts when Arthur was born to Uther, leader of the Britons, and Igrayne, queen of Cornwall. The reader learns of how Merlin, the enchanter, watched over their love and once Arthur was born, how Merlin carried him by a secret path down a cliff side. Nothing was spoken of his fate. Years went by, until the appointed time was at hand. Then Merlin and the Archbishop called for a gathering of knights on Christmas Day. On this day, a great slab of marble stone, set with an anvil on top, was found in the churchyard. In this anvil sat a sword thrust deeply into it with its point downwards. Engraved in this stone were gold letters that said: “Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone and anvil is the true-born king of all Britain.” Many men tried to extract this sword, yet none could make the sword budge. Many more came to draw the sword, and among these came Sir Kay and his younger brother Arthur, merely sixteen years in age. Sir Kay had forgotten his sword and sent Arthur to fetch it for him, when Arthur saw this sword plunged into the anvil. Arthur pulled the sword from the anvil with ease, not knowing what this sword was. When Sir Kay was handed this sword, he recognized it immediately and Arthur was proclaimed the true king of Britain. King Arthur quickly gathered around him the best knights in the kingdom and married Guinevere, the most beautiful woman in all of Britain.

Many have heard of King Arthur and Guinevere, but there were many other essential characters who were...
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