Kinetic Study of a Solvolysis Lab

Topics: SN1 reaction, Chemical kinetics, Chemical reaction Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Kinetic study of a Solvolysis (Sn1) Reaction

Aneadra Bowles
Adasia Rutledge
Krystal Flakes
Robert Grimes
Jasmine Ross

June 5, 2012

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to use kinetics to study a solvolyis reaction Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to understand the kinetics of the hydrolysis of t-butyl chloride.The kinetic order of reaction was studied under the effects of variations in temperature, solvent polarity, and structure. It is particularly observed in tertiarhalides i.e. in SN1mechanism, Nucleophilic Substitution which is in 1storder. It is basically a reaction that involves substitution by a solvent that pretendslikea nucleophile i.e. it donates electrons. The reaction being in firstorder means the rate of the reaction depends on the concentration of only one reactant.

Table of Reagents used:
Name| Molar Mass (g/mol-1)| Density (g/cm3)| Boiling Pt ( C)| Melting Pt(C)| Phenopthalien| 318.32| 1.277| N/A| 260|
NaOH| 39.9971| 2.13| 1388| 318|
Ethane| 30.07| 1.3562| -89| -183|
HCl| 36.46| 1.490| -85.05| -114.22|

Chemical Reactions

In this experiment two solutions were prepared for two kinetic runs. Solution #1 (50%ethanol 50% water) and Solution #2 (40% ethanol and 60% water) was added to another Erlenmeyer flask. Next, 0.10M of NaOH was filled up to the 0.00ml mark in two 50-ml burettes. Placing the flask containing solution 1 on the magnetic stirrer and clamp a burette containing 0.10M of NaOH above the flask. The two kinetic runs will be carried out one after another. A stir bar was placed into the flask containing solution #1 and 3-5 drops of phenolphthalein indicator solution to the reaction flask. To start the reaction, 4.91x10^-3 mol of alkyl halide to the stirring reaction mixture. The timer was started at the instant of this reaction. When enough HCl formed to neutralize the NaOH that was initially added, the pink color turned clear. The time was recorded....
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