Killing Animals for Food

Topics: Human, Thought, Morality Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 31, 2013
#13 Fajardo, Jeanne Dagny
Process of the Argumentative Essay

Animals should have rights too. I do not mean the same rights and morals as a human being, but a right to be free from harm by human beings. Animals just like humans experience emotions and pain. In the wild, they must protect themselves, but when up against human beings, they do not have the power that we do, and often lose their homes or get killed without any other choice for survival. We should treat animals, as we would want to be treated. Animals cannot have the same rights as humans. They cannot enter our society or make moral choices. They do not know right from wrong, as we do. Killing animals for food is something we have practiced for many of years to survive. Many people like this is a part of our survival, just as animals do. There are several areas where there has been a lack of natural predators, to control the animal population, causing safety concerns by hunting. Many hunters feel they can control the ecosystem by hunting. Once hunters obtain a permit, there is no cost, they can hunt for food, or enjoy it as a sport without paying any money. However, humans are just another species of animals and should share the right of freedom. Animals are defenseless and we control them. Even if animals are being hunted or used in slaughter homes, they should be able to live a natural life during their limited lifetime. Animals do not volunteer to tests that can be done using alternative methods. Using an alternative method will also speed up the process, allowing drugs to be approved faster, as well as using fewer animals. Animals should be treated with love and compassion. Many people get pets for their children or maybe it just sounds like a good idea at the time. Animals that people receive for free are more likely to get abandoned because the people thinking they have nothing to lose. When you bring an animal home, you are bringing home a life, a living creature. This is...
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