Kidney Essay

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Should it be legal to buy a kidney?
Kidneys are organs in the body, shaped like beans which are almost as big as a persons fist. Every person has two kidney’s, one near the middle of the back, below the rib cage and the other on each side of the back spine. The kidney’s job is to clear waste from the bodies blood and use the extra water and waste to turn to urine, releasing it from the ureters through urination. Each day, the kidney cleans around two-hundred quarts of blood, finally gathering two quarts of waste held in the bladder. The waste in blood originate from the normal breakdown of active tissues such as muscles and consumed food. If the waste is not cleared, it would slowly build up in the body and can cause serious damage and at some point, can be fatal. Nephrons are tiny units inside kidneys, making waste removal possible. (EmedicineHealth, 2012) One kidney has about a million nephrons, meaning a person has two million nephrons in total. In each nephron, has a tiny blood vessel called the glomerulus or the capillary intertwines that is connected to a tiny urine-collecting tube also known as the tubule. The glomerulus is what filters the waste, and the proteins. While the waste is being processed, a chemical reaction takes place as the waste materials and water leave the blood to enter the urinary system. Kidneys that overflow with waste, can end up with waste blockage such as kidney stones that slowly grow inside the kidney. Once the kidney stone takes over the kidney, that kidney no longer functions, which is also known as kidney failure. Other ways to lose a kidney would be kidney diseases. Most attack the nephrons which makes the tiny units lose it’s capability to filter the waste. The most common diseases found that destroy the kidney is diabetic kidney disease and high blood pressure disease. The diabetic kidney disease stops the body from using sugar such as glucose which can become a poison if the glucose is not broken down in the blood and filtered. If blood glucose levels stay high, this could permanently damage the kidney. This applies the same with high blood pressure disease. High blood pressure disease is able to damage the small blood vessels in kidneys, making it unable for the vessels to filter waste from the blood. (Evidence, 2012), There is also the glomerular disease, which is a few types of kidney diseases put together. Diseases such as autoimmune disease, sclerotic disease etc. These diseases attack tiny blood vessels, also known as the glomeruli that is located inside the kidney. If the kidney has to much protein, proteinuria starts to react which is a primary glomerular disease. Another would be hematuria, blood found in the urine. Sometimes both these disease could occur at the same time this is because without a good blood pressure control, the kidney could be overused at once, which leads to kidney failure. (H.W, 2012) Kidney diseases can be cured with an amount of medication and process of treatment. The most common cure for the diseases is known as kidney transplant. To cure diabetic kidney disease, the medications would mostly be ACE, short for angiotensin-converting enzyme. There is an enzyme in the body that produces angiotensin II, a process of substance inside the body, affecting the cardiovascular system by squeezing the blood vessels while releasing hormones that raise your blood pressure making your heart work harder. For Glomerular disease is harder to cure. It takes a process of examining the kidney tissue with a microscope, and because the glomerular gains to much protein, proteinuria starts to react. (Kidney - Proteinuria,2012) The medication needed to help cure glomerular are mainly immunosuppressive drugs such as steroids. Steroids reduces body inflammation and proteinuria depending on how severe the disease is and how fast it is processing. Steroids are mostly given to patients for seven to twelve days to slow down the process of the disease and ease the pain. Although...
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