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Chapter 5 Homework
1. A subculture is a segment of a larger culture whose members share distinguishing values and patterns of behaviors. The values and behaviors stem from social history as well as current situations. The three (3) main subcultures include:

* African Americans make up 13% of the population. African Americans on average tend to have lower education than their white counterparts and lower income levels. They use the media much more than Whites and due to this, they watch different shows. * Hispanics include any person who is Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, and any other Spanish culture. In this subculture, acculturation is influenced by generational factors whether they are 1st (born outside of United States), 2nd (born to immigrant parents) or 3rd (born in the U.S.) generations. The Hispanic culture is heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic religion. Their income is low. Marketers found that by translating English slogans directly it made for a better outcome, sales wise. When it comes to retailing, increasing the number of bilingual salespersons helps a lot. * Asian Americans are the highest educated although the smallest. It is estimated that 80% of the of Asian Americans can be reached when using “in-language” promotions. This subculture can be broken into three smaller groups, Traditionalist, established, and living for the moment. 2. Four of the 11 African American Consumer Groups

* Contended- content with life
* Upwardly Mobile- active, professionals, financially secure * Living For the Moment- young, socially active
* Living Day to Day- low income, pessimistic
3. Emerging trends with the Asian American population include: * Geographic concentration appears to be increasing. In 1990 Asians use to reside in just five cities, but as of 2000, they have moved to five states. * An increase in skilled workers from Mandarin-speaking regions * 1/3 of Asian Americans are under...
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