Khilafat Movement

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In the First World War Turkey participated with Germany and Australia against England, France, Russia and America. At that time the head of mumalkit was called Khalifa. Khilafat institution was very secret and important for Muslims. When they realized that the defeat of Turkey is clear then in subcontinent depression spread all-around. They felt that now the khilafat will b abolished in Turkey. It caused for creation of a great movement which is called Khilafat movement. Britain govt. first promised that they will not abolish Khilafat but they didn’t fulfill their words. In the year 1919 Muslims subcontint started their campaigns to protect Khilafat in Turkey. Majlis E Khudam E Kabba:

Every one in subcontinent started to be under one flag of Khilafat movement. Religious leaders made an organization with the name of Majlis E Khudam E Kabba. Mainstream leaders were Maulana Shokat Ali, Musheer Husain qudwaie and Maulan Saeed Ahmad. Another movement with the name of Raishmi Rumaal was also started. English govt. started arresting mainstream leaders and imprisoned Maulana Mehmood ul Hassan in Malta.

Khilafat Committee:
Majlise Khudam e Kabba continued its activities and on the other hand Ali brothers made another organization Khilafat Committee. Many prominent political leaders were invited in this organization. Meetings were organized. Many resolutions were passed for the help of Turks. With the passage of time this movement started gaining power and protests spread allover the subcontinent. The main leaders who were leading this movement were Ali brothers.

Objectives of the Movement:
There were three main objectives of this movement.
To maintain the Turkish Caliphate.
To protect the holy places of the Muslims.
To maintain the unity of the Ottoman Empire.
Khilafat Movement and Gandhi:
At same time when Khilafat movement was at its peak Gandhi was also leading many other movements like Tehrik e terk mawalat, Civil Nafermani etc and through these movement his policy was to weak the English govt. when Khilafat movement got popularity Gandhi with his political party congress came to support Muslims. Gandhi badly needed Muslim youth to get success in his movements. Due to his sympathy Muslims brought him in their meetings. Some steps for the success of movement were decided. •All the names and awards which English govt. had given returned. •Muslims resigned from local councils.

Muslim students left their educational activities and became a part of the movement. •Govt. jobs had been left.
After this Muslim ulma gave fatwa’s against military jobs and Muslim institutions refused to take add from the govt. Mainstream leaders of Muslims convinced them that subcontinent is “dar ul herb” and it’s better to leave it and migrate to Afghanistan. Muslims sold their properties to Hindu traders and went to Kabul but when they reached there afghan govt. refused to allow them. Due to the double game of Gandhi Muslims financially collapsed.

Wafad e Khilafat:
In year 1919 Ali brothers made a delegation for talks with authoritative persons of English govt. in England. Delegation was comprised over Musheer Hussain, Shoaib Qureshi and Syed Suleman Nidvi with other seven persons. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johor was the head of this delegation. In London with P.M Jorje loid a long talk held but he refused to give any kind of concession to Turkey. British army entered in cities of Turkey and started worst killing.

Muslim News Papers:
in subcontinent there were many news papers like Kamred, Hundred and Zimindaar they all adopted strong actions against English govt. paisa akhbar of Lahore campaigned very strongly. They banned the news papers.

Sewray Packet:
Allies signed a packet with Turkey according to which heavy penalty wasimposed on Turkey. Allies got control over different areas. Turkey lost control over all Arab areas. Hejaz e Muqadas was hand over to Sharif of Makah who...
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