Khalafat Moment

Topics: Ottoman Empire, World War I, Caliphate Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: April 30, 2013
At the beginning of 1st world war (1914) seat of Khilafat was held by Turkey (Ottoman Empire). In the First World War, the Turks had fought on the side of the Germany and Austrian Empire against Britain, France and Russia. British wanted Indian Muslims to fight in the war against the Turks, but they knew that British would respect the rights of the Khalifa and Turkish Empire would be maintained. As a result of this promise thousands of Muslims joined the British Army. Turkish side defeated at the end of the war. Muslims all over the world were concerned with how Turkey would be treated. Istanbul had been the home of Caliphate and the Turkish Sultan was recognized as the Khalifa or caliph. The Allies hpoed to destroy the Ottoman Empire by encouraging, Turkey to become a nation rather than an empire. The treaty Of Versailles set out to divide Germany into two parts. KHILAFAT COMMITTEE:

The Muslims of India decided to launch a movement for the safeguard of the institution of Caliphate and to manifest their resentment over actions the Allies had taken in Turkey. A “Khilafat Committee” was set up in 1919 to conduct and to organize the Khilfat movement with Maulana Shaukat Ali as its General Secretary. Congress also supported this movement under Abdul Kalam Azad. This movement was launched to pressurize the British into keeping their promises. In November 1919 the 1st Khilafat Conference was held in Delhi. Gandhi was also present at the Conference. A resolution was also passed asking the Muslims as religious duty to adopt the policy of non-cooperation with the British. In December 1919 the 2nd Khilafat Conference was held in Amritsar. At the same time both Congress and Muslim League were also meeting the city. It was agreed that all three organizations should work together to oppose plans to dismember the Turkish empire. Khilafat Delegation: The khilafat delegation left for England in March 1919 under the leadership of Maulana Mohammed Ali Johar...
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