Key Internal and External Influences Affecting Tourism in Brazil

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Key Internal & External Influences Affecting Tourism in Brazil| Audit Report|

Contents Page:

* 1) Introduction

* 2) External PESTLE Analysis Table

* 2.1) Political Influences

* 2.2) Environmental Influences

* 2.3) Social Influences

* 2.4) Technological Influences

* 2.5) Legal Influences

* 2.6) Environmental Influences

* 3) Internal Strengths & Weaknesses

* 4) References

Key Internal & External Influences Affecting Tourism in Brazil

1) There are many internal and external influences that are currently affecting Brazil. As Brazil is a newly emerging tourist destination, the influences affecting Brazil need to be assessed in order to maximise strengths and opportunities and reduce weaknesses and threats; in order to gain a strategic direction. This audit report will discuss in further detail the various internal and external influences that are currently affecting Brazil using relevant analysis such as PESTLE, and TOWS. 2) External PESTLE:

There are numerous external factors around the world that impact on tourism in Brazil. The table below shows these external influences in the form of a PESTLE analysis. Political * Political Turmoil in various countries * War * Terrorism * Taxation policies| Economical * Recession * Rise in cost of fuel * Increased air passenger duty * Exchange rates * Unemployment / Job cuts * Increased taxes * Globalisation| Social * Social media * Changing attitudes * Trends * Events| Technological * Flights - more long haul flights available * Internet - provides tourists with more info and access to online booking systems| Legal * Visa requirements * Crime levels| Environmental * Climate change * Pollution * Risks of natural disasters * Health issues|

As you can see from the PESTLE Analysis there are numerous influences outside of Brazil that affect incoming tourism to Brazil. Below the influences in six sections of the analysis are discussed in more detail: 2.1) Political:

* Political turmoil, war and terrorism – Ever since the war on terror and terrorism attacks began it has had a huge effect on tourism. Putting tourists off traveling; to underdeveloped countries which have an increased threat of turmoil or countries with high risks of terror. Various countries around the world (predominantly outside the EU) are currently in political turmoil for example Lebanon, Egypt and most recently the Maldives. This could have an effect on Brazil’s tourism by tourist choosing to travel domestically or to stable countries such as countries within the EU.

* Tourism Taxes – tourism taxes are the taxes the government puts on tourism products and services, such as car rentals, hotels and arriving or departing from airports. Since the rise in air passenger duty governments of certain countries have also increased tourist taxes. For example Mauritius introduced a a £10 airport tax on all departing passengers. Austria and Germany have introduced an environmental air tax and the Maldives have introduced a Goods and Services Tax of 3.5 per cent, which will apply to accommodation, transport, food and drink and excursions. These taxes can impact on tourism as tourist may choose to travel to places where tax isn’t as high.

2.2) Economical:
* Recession – as the world is currently in a global recession it’s had a huge effect on tourism, including tourism organisations, destinations and tourists. All these have less money to spend on tourism products therefore international travel has decreased. For example in 2009 the Guardian reported that in Rwanda tourism is the third highest source of foreign revenue and as a result local economic development has suffered. This can relate to Brazil as it is also an emerging developing country that heavily relies on tourism to help it develop. For example sustainable tourism in...
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