Key Components of a Balanced Diet

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Explain the role of each of the key components of a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is a diet with all of the key nutrition that is essential to health healthy growth and activity [internet][viewed on 07th October 2010] A good health is well being of the body and its functionalities. A healthy balanced diet can be when eating variety of foods to get nutrients needed by the body. Balanced diet contains micro and macro nutrients in the amount that is needed by our bodies. The daily recommended allowance of calories for a man is 2500, women is 2000and children 1800. This is based on how much energy is needed by the body to function normally. The daily recommended allowance is a nutritional need that varies or differs in lifestyle and activities. Our body needs a certain amount from each food group. This can be easily illustrated by a food pyramid. The basic metabolic rate is the energy used by the body while resting as its still continues to control normal body function [Accessed on 5 October 2010]

Micro nutrients are essential nutrients to a balanced diet; thought there are other elements that are needed besides micronutrients .This are nutrients needed in small amounts ;i.e. minerals and vitamins. Vitamins in small amounts are required then categorised for their biological and chemical activities. A balanced diet needs vitamins because they are essential. Although it’s needed in small quantity, it plays a part to keep our body going. The vitamins are categorised into two; fat soluble and water soluble. The fat soluble can be found in fatty foods example fat from animals, vegetables, and dairy foods, liver and oily fish. Even though they are essential the body doesn’t require them daily. So whatever that is eaten and it’s not needed is stored for later used in the liver and fatty tissues. Fat soluble can be harmful if eaten too much. The fat soluble are vitamins A, D, E and K. Water soluble vitamins unlike fat soluble vitamins aren’t stored in the body although they are essential and needed in a balanced diet. This is because the vitamins are wasted when we pass urine. They are not considered harmful if eaten in too much quantity. These vitamins are found in vegetables, fruits and grains. They are vitaminB6, vitaminB12, vitamin, biotin, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, Riboflavin and thiamine

Mineral are nutrients essentially needed in the form we find them in food before digestion in a balanced diet so that the body can function well. They can be found in various foods like meat, cereals, fish, milk and dairy foods, vegetables, fruits mainly dried ones. The main reason for minerals in our diet is because they aid our body to build strong bones and teeth. They help to turn food we eat into energy and the control of body fluids inside and outside the cells. The essential minerals are calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur [internet] [June 19, 2009][Accessed 5 October 2010]

Anaemia is caused by lack of iron in the body. Iron is one of the micronutrients which make red blood cells. Having less red blood cells in your body could lead to lack of oxygen. The end resulting to tiredness, fatigue and lack of concentration [Internet] [] [Accessed on 3october2010]

The macronutrients are nutrients that give fair amount of energy. They are needed in large amounts and they provide calories as well as playing part in other body functions. These are carbohydrates providing 4 calories per gram, protein providing 4 calories per gram and fats providing 9 calories per gram. Carbohydrates are macronutrients that are needed in large amounts .carbohydrates makes up to 45-55% of calories needed in a healthy balanced diet. When carbohydrate rich foods are digested in the body...
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