Kelly's Assignment in Japan

Topics: Japan, Presentation, Japanese popular culture Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Kelly, a program manager of a startup internet service company, had accepted the offer of heading up the sales and marketing department in Tokyo. However, the problem was her husband, Joe, had to find a new job in Tokyo. Their apartment in Tokyo is tiny than their expected. When Kelly got to the office at the first time, Americans and Germen were ready for the presentations, but Japanese always kept silent and did not like to give individual presentations. She was very confused. Meanwhile, Joe still could not find a job and the children complained that they cannot adapt in the local environment because they cannot understand Japanese. Kelly and her assistant, Peter, went to the client office. The differences of culture and customs made both of them notice shock and embarrassment. At last, the client company was not willing to pursue the contract. Kelly felt confused and disappointed, and there is no one could give her advices. Then she asked her company to let her go back to US. By doing this, she would have the risk of losing her position even her job.

Q1. Explain the clashes in culture, customs and expectations? Culture:
The Japanese staff thought "Kelly" was a man.
Japanese did not like to do individual presentation. They wanted to gain consensus among themselves and present a group presentation. Kelly's children cannot understand classes because a majority of the children in the school did not speak English. They felt confused and complained to Kelly. When the client company’s CEO handed her his business card, she put it in her pocket without a glance and did not give him her card. Her behaviour is not respected in Japanese Culture. When she finished the presentation to client company the CEO said “ very good”. Kelly thought the CEO will satisfy with her proposal, but actually the client was not willing to persue the contract.

When Kelly chatted casually with all the staffs westerners were opened . But Japanese kept silent and...
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