Kaymito Leaves Decoction as Antiseptic Mouthwash ”

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  • Published : January 8, 2012
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Multi-Colored Fabric Dye From Talisay (Terminalia catappa) Leaves Extract Pauline Mariz Manuel
Marjorie Marmeto
Jiezel Ann Sescar
Mrs. Ma. Regaele Olarte (Research Adviser)
Statement of the Problem      
The researchers aimed to determine if the Talisay (Terminalia catappa) leaves extract could be developed as a multi-colored fabric dye.       Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions: 1.      Can Talisay (Terminalia catappa) leaves extract be developed as a multi-colored dye? 2.      Is there a significant difference between the experimental and control set-ups in terms of: a.  Reaction to acid

b.  Reaction to base
c.  pH level
d.  Color fastness

Table 1
Frequency Distribution of Yielded Results
in terms of Color

Violet| 97| 93|
Yellow| 7| 7|
Brown| 3| 3|
TOTAL| 100| 100|

 Table 2

Comparison of Mean and T-test Result for 
Talisay and Commercial Fabric Dye

Violet| 90| Violet| 88| 2%|
Yellow| 7| Yellow| 10| 3%|
Brown| 3| Brown| 2| 1%|
TOTAL| 100| | 100| |
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Akapulko (Cassia alata L.) Seeds as Purgative Extender for Pulvoron

Akapulvoron: A Sensory Analysis
Akapulko (Cassia alata L.) Seeds as Purgative Extender for Pulvoron Karl Ericson Landrito
Rochelle Gel Asilo
Ludy Anne Castrence
Maegan Morales
Keith Louise R. Salazar
Research Adviser:
Mrs. Ma. Regaele A. Olarte
A.   Background of the Study
          Children during their early stage of learning are curious on how things around them work. They always want to play outdoor games such as tumbang preso, patintero, piko, jolens, pogs, and many other games with their playmates. These games require touching and a lot of barefoot running. Children do not tend to know that running barefooted will cause the formation of ascaris and other parasitic worms that might infect their intestines. Malnutrition surrounds our country today; a lot of people, most especially the children, were the victims of it. One of the most common causes of malnutrition of children is worm infestation.           Worm infestation can result if there happened to be a direct or indirect contact with the feces of an infected person. It can be dispersed when the feces of an infected organism are used as fertilizers in farmlands that are now converted into urban type of community. The kids that are living in that converted area can accumulate the infection that the former farmland has.  Children that are infected can have parasitic worms inside their bodies. They can eventually experience malnutrition and other health deficiencies if not treated. Purgative medicines are cheap in cost but children dislike the taste because of its bitterness. The researchers came up with this project due to the desire of helping the parents of infected children in convincing their kids to take good-tasting purgative remedy that is cheaper in cost and can be done at home. The researchers found out that pounded and boiled akapulko seeds are used as an effective purgative agent.  Akapulko is an herbal plant that can be used in curing skin, stomach, lung, and mouth problems, and is well known for its sudorific, diuretic and purgative characteristics. It can be ingested without having any side effect or contraindications. The researchers thought of pulvoron, being a healthy, delicious, and attractive treat for all. The akapulko seeds were consider as extender in place of the traditional rice crisps, nuts, or nougats in the pulvoron. Established that akapulvoron could be an effective and safe purgative treat, the researchers intended to conduct a sensory analysis of the product to determine if it would be generally accepted by the public.

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