Kaymito Investigatory Project

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Flower bloom perfume

Submitted by: Ma.anne Briones Frances Blanco Ingrid Borja Krystyn Cortez Cathlianna De Guzman (2-De Botti)

Submitted to: Ms. Cerbas

(Biology Teacher)


In this Investigatory Project we would like to emphasize the use of cosmetics more over (The PERFUME).


What is wrong with using these modern cosmetics? Does it even harm us, animals, or even nature? What are the explicit effects we are not knowledgeable about?


By this Investigation of what harmful substances they put in cosmetics we can have the right choices of being healthy, staying healthy saving the environment and protecting animals from being tested for allergic reactions. With the choice of a natural – organic based cosmetics and or (PERFUMES) that are both fresh and more rejuvenating.


To impose a clear message to everyone that some product just fools everyone by its packaging and manufacturer not knowing these product have great side effect when taken for a very long period which causes destruction of nature, animals and even death for humans


Through the experiment we would make two samples:

• First sample perfume is the one with chemicals on it ex (alcohol, vodka, carrier oils > almond, jojoba, apricot kernel.

• Second sample perfume is plain with distilled water to finish.


As to the equivalent satisfaction of the research, we have high hopes of getting the message clear to all audiences for the great consciousness of the products around us.


We therefore conclude that technology is great but we can’t always follow the way through success we must always take note on the past , the seed of everything which is NATURE.


Ma.Ann Briones Frances Blanco Ingrid Borja Krystyn Cortez Cathlianna De Guzman

First of all we would like to thank God for creating a mysterious world that makes our daily life an adventure.

Our Families that continuously supports us in our studies& guides us through best of life.

Our Friends who are always there and will try to make futures with us.

And lastly...