Katherina Minola

Topics: Women's suffrage, 21st century, Marriage Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Katherina Minola agrees to obey Petruchio in the final scene as she claims in her big speech, that once married, women are a property of the husband, like the church is a subject unto Christ, so the wives should be their husbands everything. This is shown in line 155 when Katherina Minola says that “such duty as the subject owes the prince.” She believes in this, as throughout her time with Petruchio, she has not got what she has wanted due to her aggressive behaviour before, and Petruchio giving a tastes of her own medicine by acting like how she was perceived to be by others, made her realise that going at him straight on the way she had done her whole life was not working at all, but by seeming to obey him, she finds a better way to get what she wants. Upon seeing Bianca and the Widows’ behavior, gives her a chance to not only please Petruchio but also show them the journey of ‘taming’ she had went through in order to gain love from her husband and what she wanted. She compares this relationship yet again with one’s husband being the leader of the wife, like Christ being the leader of the church, which is shown in line 147 with “thy husband is thy lord, they life, thy keeper, thy head, thy sovereign; one that loves for thee.” Overall, the main reason why she obeyed her husband in the last scene was to please Petruchio so she could get what she wanted through love form her husband.

In the 21st century, boys and girls do have the same degree of freedom; for example, in Britain they have equal voting rights, freedom of speech and assembly, property rights, access to education and health care equality. As well, as woman we no longer have to say “I vow to obey my husband” in a marriage speech, as seen with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton. This shows that whatever men can do, woman can do, giving them the same degree of freedom. In the law there is nothing stating that women must have a harsher penalty if a crime is committed or vice...
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