Karma Yoga

Topics: Bhagavad Gita, Moksha, Karma in Jainism Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: November 7, 2012
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Karma Yoga Presentation

Karma Yoga

What is Karma yoga?
Karma means “action” or “work” so Karma yoga means “Union of actions” (what goes around comes around) Karma Yoga is taking responsibility for all of our actions, physical, mental and spiritual actions. It also means to perform work to the best of our ability and awareness, without being overly attached to the outcome. Its knowing you can control what lie inside of you but the the things around you. So you adapt your mentality to those things. For example, a rainy day, you cant control that but you can have a positive attitude towards it. Its also understood as selfless service. Like the good job isn’t what its really all about an the fruit is not what really matters but how well you do it and your attitude towards it. Because Karma yoga isn’t just physical exterior actions but also interior and mental thoughts and motives. Philosophy

Its the idea of “You reap what you sow.” Universal law, treat others the way you want to be treated. Much like Newton’s law, with every action there is a equal or stronger reaction. This affects in all levels of life, Physical (outside world), Mental (inside world), and spiritual (spiritual world). Karma Yoga is the path of service for in this path, it is believed that your present situation is based on your past actions. So by doing selfless service now, you are choosing a future that is free from negativity and selfishness. Karma Yogis change their attitude towards the good and in the process, change their souls, which leads to a change in their destiny.

Types of Karma yoga
Bad Karma
Means the bad stuff you are doing now to affect your present future, your future life and your destiny. Good Karma
Means the Good stuff you are doing now to affect your present future, your future life and your destiny. What’s its purpose?
It serves a lot for spiritual reasons. Like working out your karma throughout your multiple lives and reaching the...
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