Karen in Harvest Moon: Character Information

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Character Information:

Birthday: Fall 15th (alternate birthday, Fall 23rd)

Rival: Rick (Popuri's possessive elder brother; works at the Chicken Ranch)

Lives: At the Supermarket

Family: Daughter of Sasha and Jeff

Special Foods: Pizza, French Fries, Popcorn.

Liked foods/items: Cheese, Wine, Truffles, Tempura, Sashimi, Bamboo Shoots, Pink Diamonds, Diamonds, Perfume.

For the above, the easiest things to get her (at the start of the game) are Wine (from Aja's Winery, 300Ga bottle), or Bamboo Shoots.(There are 3 to find on Mothers Hill in the springtime, they ship for 50G each; better to give them to Karen if you like her.). However, I would recommend giving her Popcorn and French Fries once you have the Kitchen and necessary utensils; they raise her Heart Level significantly more for each gift given. (By about 63% for each gift you give her, if youre interested.)

Basic Recipe for French Fries:

Potato + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan

Basic Recipe for Popcorn:

Corn + Frying Pan

Obviously these recipes can be improved on, but to do so won't raise her Heart Level any more than the basic recipes.


Heart Events:

Black: Go to the Supermarket between 10am-1pm. Make sure you have an empty slot in the Tools section of your rucksack. As you enter the store, Karen is there to greet you and ask if you need anything on the farm. Tell her you could use some help and you'll add a third to her Heart Level and get a bag of Grass Seeds.

Purple: Again, enter the Supermarket between 10am and 1pm. You'll see Karen and Sasha (Karen's mother) having an argument over types of Seeds. They'll tell you a family member is ill and they plan to send her seeds to make her feel better, but Karen and Sasha can't agree which kind; Sasha thinks they should send Pink Cat seeds whilst Karen is insistent on sending Moon Drop seeds. Side with Karen and she'll appreciate it.

Blue: AGAIN, this takes place at the Supermarket between 10 and 1. When you go inside, you'll find Jeff, Karen, Sasha and Duke (the guy from Aja's Winery) talking about some Wine which Jeff had commissioned on Karen's birth. Jeff asks if you'd like to go along with Karen to pick it up. Agree, and you'll be at the winery. Duke gives Karen her Wine and she thanks him and prepares to leave. Before she can, Duke says there's more in the basement.. Jeff was so happy about

Yellow: On a Monday, Thursday, or Saturday go to the Supermarket at (you guessed it..) 10am-1pm. Karen emerges from the back room declaring shes just cooked a tasty new dish, and she wants her parents to have the first taste. On hearing this, Jeff's stomach problems suddenly get worse and Sasha doesnt know what to do.. until you arrive! They offer you to try Karen's cooking.. Karen protests, but her parents are insistent. Upon eating it, you'll wake up in the Hospital, and the Doctor can't quite believe that Karen doesnt realise her cooking was the cause.

Extra Heart Point: Buy anything from the Supermarket.


Karen isn't yours alone to court. You must fight off the affections of the smooth, gorgeous and downright sexy chicken-boy Rick. They've been friends since childhood, after all..

Rival Heart Events:

Black: Exit the Spring mine on Wednesday to Saturday between 11am-6pm. The weather must be sunny. Rick is angsting about his absent father and complaining that his mother is alone. Karen defends Rick's father and tells him to cheer up (Go, Karen!) He'll see the sense in her words and they'll head off together.

Blue: Leave Gotz' house on a (sunny) Sunday or Monday from 11 till 6. Karen and Rick are talking about how they played together as kids. Rick reminds her that she used to beat him at wrestling and he'd cry when she threw him on the ground (eek.. still sure you want to marry her..?) Karen gets mad at Rick and walks off. Oh, the romance..

Green: Triggered from 2nd year onwards....
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