Kamera Obskura Reaction Paper

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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The film “Kamera Obskura” is about Juan who was trapped inside a cell for two decades until he found a small hole where light is reflected on the wall and projects what is currently happening in the world outside at present. He then breaks his way out, wandered in the city, and entered a shop selling cameras. There he finds a magical camera that vanquishes corrupt men. Eventually, politicians scamper to get hold of Juan’s power.

Juan found himself resocializing because he has not seen the world for twenty years and is not aware of the changes. He has to adjust himself to the new surroundings but he did not have the chance to do that because something dreadful happened. The camera got stuck in his hand and the only way to get rid of it is to fulfil his destiny.

This film served as an eye-opener to us all about the truth in our government. Our government is corrupt and always seeks power. A politician who is running for president tried to get hold of Juan by offering him luxury. This shows that a person will do anything for power. Juan left him when he saw his true colours. Another group leader who is also running for president treated him as a comrade and lets him speak for himself. Juan was overjoyed but ended up in disappointment when he found out that he, too, was only using him. Even people with noble intentions are blinded by power. This film is very meaningful and arouses a lot of questions within us. It used a lot of metaphors. At first, I was wondering why are there flying bicycles which can only exist in the future but the setting is from a past era. Then it came to me that maybe what the film is trying to inform us is that the situation happened in the past and still going to happen in the future. The film also expresses the power of the cinema when the camera got stuck in Juan’s arm. How it can be abused for power, money, advocacy and so on. Juan was disillusioned because although he fulfilled his destiny, he cannot do anything about the...
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