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Wakefield CollegeHE and Professional Section Foundation Degree / B A (Hons) Degree (Full time)In Business and Management| State which programme | Level 6|
Assignment Assessment and Feedback Sheet|
Module Unit Strategic Management| Module TutorRichard Collings| Internal Verification Name Sarah Deakin| Date I V’d Assignment Brief23/01/2012 | Date Issued 20/09/2012| Date to be submitted (for summative assessment) 10.01.2013| | |

Please complete the following :| |
Student Name| By signing this I am confirming that the work submitted is my own work. Any work of others has been used to support my work and I have acknowledged credit for that work. I have read the College’s policy on plagiarism and academic misconduct.| Student Signature| Date Handed Assignment in|

Assignment must be submitted with a Bibliography attached. At least five sources should be used. Need to use Harvard Referencing System.| Always keep a copy of your assignment.|
Please hand in your completed assignment to reception for submission and ensure that you have signed it in. This is your evidence that it was handed in.| Second Marked DateTutor Name and Signature |

Presentation Format.|
Word Processed | Arial 12 Font|
1.5 to 2 line spacing| Header Module Title|
Page Number Bottom Right| Footer Student Name|
Single – sides and stapled in the top left-hand corner.| Include Title Page, Contents Page, Bibliography, Assignment Brief and Feedback Sheets.| Word Count 4000 words State WORD COUNT AT THE END OF THE ASSIGNMENT|

Learning Outcomes|
On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:| 1| Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and systematic understanding of the key aspects of strategic management.| 2| Implement accurately established techniques of analysis and enquiry within the aspects of strategic management.| 3| To apply the relevant theories and be able to propose and sustain arguments to solve complex problems using relevant techniques related to strategic management.| 4| Communicate your proposals in a professional and logical format to the required specialist and non specialist audiences.| 5| Be self critical and reflective in extracting learning and skills. From the learning experience the student should be able to critically reflect upon the skills, and learning achieved from studying the module.|

Assignment Brief

“Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term, which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its configuration of resources and competences with the aim of fulfilling stakeholder expectations”.

Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (2008:3)

It’s important for organisations to both develop and implement a strategic management plan to help ensure their long-term success.

Role of learner

For this assignment, you are required to choose ONE organisation from ONE of the following sectors: (a) Retail;
(b) Manufacturing; or
(c) Leisure
or, where you are in employment, you could choose your own organisation (“the organisation”).

You are also required to research key aspects of strategic management. Your research should include (but not be limited to) established techniques of analysis and enquiry used within strategic management.

This research should be clearly applied to the organisation. You are required to suggest how the strategic management research that you have carried out supports your proposed strategy for the organisation.

You also need to reflect on your learning from this module; identifying specific strategic management principles/theories/models that you are learned during the module and clearly explaining how you yourself could go onto use that knowledge in the future to gain a better understanding of organisations.

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