Kabul Beauty School: Essay

Topics: Taliban, Afghanistan, Qur'an Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Kabul Beauty School Essay: Topic # 2

With a strict and unforgiving hand the Taliban ruled over Afghanistan from the 90's until 2001. The Taliban hold an extremist interpretation of teachings from the Koran, the Islamic holy book. According to them, the Taliban, the Koran states that God has deemed the man of the house as the primary authority figure; they have rule over every one in the household be it wife or child. Their interpretation states, also, that women are not to reveal any part of them selves except their eyes and palms of their hands. Along with that, women are not allowed to work, or leave the house with out a male relative escort. Any deviation from these rules would be meet with a harsh punishment; the lose of a hand for stealing, death for adultery and so on. Also, while in control of Afghanistan many Taliban abused their position of power to take what they wanted, saying they were above others as they were a "True Muslim".

In the book "Kabul Beauty School" Deborah Rodriguez shares her life experiences in Afghanistan after the Taliban was chased out. "In her time there she witnessed first hand the aftermath of the Taliban, and how they were still able to affect day to day life for the people of Kabul, even though that Taliban was no long in power. Through the many contacts she made in her travels there she was able to see how the people were still influenced by the Talibans' presence. In the book, Rodriguez describes how from fear of their neighbors, who might be Taliban, many people still lived as though they were still under Taliban rule."

One example of the Taliban's rule Rodriguez gives in her book is that of Baseera. A local Afghan woman who operated a salon while the Taliban were in control. This was against the laws that were in place at the time, and would have resulted in a severe punishment. Rodriguez explains that during her first class with her beauty school she met Baseera and listed to her story. Baseera...
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