Juvinile Deliquency vs Adult Courts

Topics: Air pollution, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Particulate Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: July 26, 2010
Betty Oliver
Kaplan University

Particulate pollution has become an increasing problem to our communities. Though it cannot be seen, it is all around us. It is made up of soil and dust particles, metals, and organic chemicals (U.S Environmental Protection Agency n.d). It affects the air we breathe and can cause harmful health problems. Particulate pollution is more prominent in larger cities due to big industries. How does particulate pollution affect the small communities that do not have the big industries? That is the question I am going to try to answer by conducting an air particle experiment in my town of Edenton, NC. In biology class, we were asked to do an experiment using a coffee filter and Vaseline. We were asked to hang this outside our house in safe place. The purpose for this experiment was to determine if the community we live in was contaminated with air particle pollution. After reading some information about air particulate pollution on the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, I came up with a hypothesis. My hypothesis is there will be a minimum amount of particulate matter in Edenton, NC. The reason for my hypothesis is; I do not live in a town where there are any major air particle factors. After deciding on a hypothesis, I prepared my filter by applying Vaseline to the coffee filter. I placed it outside underneath my carport. I then made a week to week chart describing what changes I observed. Below is the chart with my observations. WEEK| OBSERVATION|

Week 1 JAN. 15, 2010| No changes. The filter is still white and there is no particle matter on the filter. The Vaseline is still on the filter in a thick layer.| Week 2JAN. 22, 2010| This week the filter had a little yellowish tint to it, but not very much.| Week 3JAN. 29,2010| Week three there are some changes. On the filter there are some small black dots on the filter. I counted six dots. I wanted to mark...
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