Juvenile Rights

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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Juvenile Rights
Kimberly Burrows
CRJ 301
Farrell Binder
April 11, 2011

Juveniles have different rights at the time of arrest then adults have. There are also additional protections for juveniles that adults don’t have. In this paper I will compare and contrast the additional protections afforded to juveniles as compared to adult offenders, I will discuss a juveniles rights at the time of arrest, and my opinion on whether or not the additional protections afforded to juveniles serve the purposes of social and criminal justice. Juveniles have rights when they are arrested, however some of them differ then the rights adults have.

“The first encounter a youth has with the juvenile justice system is usually his or her arrest by a law enforcement official. Other ways that youth enter the system include "referrals" by parents and schools, delinquency victims, and probation officers. A decision is usually made after arrest as to whether a youth should be detained and charged, released, or transferred into another youth welfare program. The officer handling the case makes this decision based on information obtained from the victims of the crime committed by the juvenile, the juvenile himself, the juvenile's parents, and any past records the youth has with the juvenile justice system. Federal regulations require that juveniles being held in adult penitentiaries (while officials attempt to contact parents or make transfer arrangements) be kept out of "sight and sound" of adult inmates, and be removed from the adult facility within six hours” ("A typical juvenile," 2008).

Juveniles have certain rights afforded to them since they are underage. Some of these rights are that “juveniles don't have a right to a public trial by jury.  For a juvenile charged with a crime, the trial portion of the case involves a judge hearing evidence and ruling on whether or not the minor is delinquent.  This is called an...
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