Justin Martyr

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Justin martyr.

Summarise your Knowledge and understanding of the life and work of Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr was the greatest apology in the second century from Palestine, he spent a lot of his time searching for the truth, and this is why he passed through many philosophical schools.

Justin finally came to rest when he thought he had found the truth with Plato's religion, this was because of its mystical side.

Justin then met an old man on the sea shore who told him about the prophets of the Old Testament which foretold the coming of Christ; this made the religion have antiquity with its ancient roots. Justin converted and he had to abandon his philosophical inquires and all he had learnt in Platonism, Justin regarded Christianity as "the true philosophy"

Justin referred Christianity as "the most solid philosophy I have ever found" Justin moved from Ephesus to Rome and opened a school of philosophy to deepen people's meanings of Christianity, during these years he addressed the emperor Antonius Pius his first Apology, and this was a classical work of genre, some years later he wrote the second apology.

The dialogue of the trypho was then written, this was a discussion which Justin had with trypho about 135.

The first apology was by far the longest; the first part of the apology is negative and refutes the anti-Christian calumnies of impieity and civil enmity. The second part is more positive and tells of the contents of Christianity. It also tells us that Christ the son of god is the fulfilment of Jewish prophecies.

The first apology is about 68 chapters. In the first apology there is no lack of important information concerning the internal life of the Christian community which shows the heresies about the Christian church was not true.

Justin's first apology begins with an appeal to the authorities to treat the Christians justly. He also noted "we demand that the charges against the Christians be investigated"

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