Justification of the American Revolution

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Townshend Acts Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: October 27, 2012
The justification of the American Revolution is often questioned years after its occurrence. Taxation without Representation became a great setback for the English parliament. The Intolerable acts weighed heavily on the American colonists who began to seek independence. The English did not identify with the colonists views, which ultimately led to British defeat. Primary sources validate the reasoning and rationality in support of both perspectives during the war. The Intolerable Acts was the name given to all the raised taxes forced onto colonists during the 18th century. The colonists began to grow exceedingly cross towards the British. The Boston Tea Party transpired after the increased tax on tea in 1773. Colonists dressed up as Native Americans and dumped barrels of tea over the Boston Harbor. Believing the Native Americans had dumped the tea, the British were ready to end trade and fight with the natives. Loyalists informed the British of what the radical colonists had done and the Coercive and Quebec acts were imposed by the British as a consequence. US land was given to Canada and the Boston Harbor was closed, thus ending trade. The colonists were growing exceedingly tiresome of the British. In 1775, Thomas Gage was sent from England to America and assigned to govern Massachusetts. Radicals, John Hancock and Samuel Adams decided to govern Massachusetts themselves. Gage was enraged and sent soldiers to Lexington and Concord to authorize the arrest of Hancock and Adams. It was that first random bullet shot at Lexington that beyond doubt began the American Revolution. With the courageous leadership of George Washington and French Alliance the colonists were able to defeat the British during the Battle of Yorktown. In 1782, the Treaty of Paris thus recognized America as sovereign and independent. The British felt that imposing heavier taxes on colonists was only fair after the colonists were given protection during the French and Indian War. Debt had...
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