Justice and Moral Development

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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The concept of justice is something that helps to guide most individuals in that they believe in this concept to make a loss better. Many individuals will see law enforcement agencies, especially the officers that work for an agency, to be the tool that will be used to garner their justice. Kohlberg’s stages of moral development theory can help to explain criminal behavior in that a criminal that acts out for a particular reason will not be able to understand the stages that are beyond the one that they are in, such as only being interested in pleasing themselves. Using this information, a plan of deterrence can be made for criminals and arrive at justice for the victims and their families involved. The concept of justice can mean something a little different to everyone, but it conveys a sense that when a person is wronged by another they will receive some type of recompose in either the person being punished; they received their item back or other compensation that fulfills the feeling of being wronged. According to Nidich, R., Nidich, S. and Alexander (2005): Citing Socrates and Martin Luther King, Jr. as examples, Kohlberg points out that their willingness to uphold moral principles was based on both their faith in these moral principles as expressions of human reason and on their faith in justice, which was rooted in a cosmic perspective. (p. 139) This concept is something that many use to determine their own moral compass on issues in their life. The concept of justice relates to the field of criminal justice, especially law enforcement officers, in that most victims and families look to law enforcement as the agency that will bring them justice. According to Heilbrun Jr. and Georges (1990), “People tend to obey group laws because they are punished if they do not and are even occasionally rewarded if they do” (p. 185). Law enforcement agencies have developed over time to prevent a society that is like the old Wild West where they take getting...
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