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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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Yucheng Tang ID:42967546 WEEK 8
9.6 explain how economic trends and changing consumer preferences may impact on the sales forecasting of an airline company. An: If the economy is declining, inflation, the average income of lower and declining purchasing power, the frequency of economic activity decrease, Private and business travel will be decrease. The sales budget is bound to reduce. On the contrary, the sales budget is bound to rise. If consumers do like the airline's services, the sales forecasting is will be increase to meet consumer. If consumers do not like the airline's services, the company will decrease sales budget to ensure profitability. 9.18 a manager of a marketing research company made the following comment: I don’t understand why I should be concerned with motivation when setting my budget. It us my job to set targets and it is my employee’s job to meet them. Comment on this statement. An: one of the purposes of budgeting is to evaluate performance and motivate employees to direct their efforts towards organizational goals. This is achieved by allocating to employees the responsibility for achieving certain budget targets. so this statement is not quite correct. Budgeting systems have many behavioral consequences and it has widely influence on each employee in an organization. So it's need to pay attention to Formulate budget. 9.23(I)

 | May| June|
patient visits| 6000| 8000|
half-hour visits| 2400(6000*0.8*0.5)| 3200(8000*0.8*0.5)| one-hour visits| 1200(6000*0.2)| 1600(8000*0.2)|
total hours| 3600| 4800|
dental's dentists| 200| 200|
 | 720000| 960000|
 | May| June|
Patient visits| 6000| 8000|
Half-hour visits fee| 768,000(6000*0.8*160)| 1,024,000(8000*0.8*160)| One-hour visits fee| 336,000(6000*0.2*280)| 448,000(8000*0.2*280)| Total fee| 1,104,000| 1,472,000|
Total cash...
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