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Topics: Censorship, Mitt Romney, Obscenity Pages: 6 (1473 words) Published: May 13, 2013

As I was saying before, one of the many things censored is the internet. The internet is the best place to access any sort of information. Its easy to access, you can use it anywhere if your lucky, you can easily find internet to use if you don't have that pleasure of owning it yourself. It has a wide range of whats held in a single browser that you use. From cooking a thanksgiving feast down to finding the numbers of death out in Afghanistan. It literally has anything you can think of just by typing your thought, idea, or question in the search engine, but with having the ability of finding anything you can imagine, there is that down side. Since you can literally find anything, you can even find something so obscene you couldn't imagine to think who would look at such crude things.

The positive side of having censorship on the internet is that we don't have to see the horrendous things in life. Websites, softwares, filters, and people all have the power to censor a website by simply viewing the content . It helps detect what is truly bad for you and possibly your computer. With that, we have the pleasure of not being able to see an actual killing caught on tape that has been put online. Now if someone did post such a thing, it would be immediately be taken off because of the websites rules and regulations they made or have to follow.

Then again, with a positive there is always a negative. The negative to having our internet censored is that the possible opinions of what people say get judged and get shut down and gets in the way of their "free speech". When one says their own opinion there is always someone who disagrees and find it obscene and completely wrong, and those who think its wrong convince others why its wrong and people actually fall for it. Soon after the one with their opinion gets shunned then flagged and spammed with hatred and soon gets their ideas removed as if their opinion was nothing. Then the reason why their opinion gets taken off is because either the website or whomever feels pressured into taking their words out is to just please those who thought there could only be one side to a story. That is where censorship falls when it comes to the internet.

Not only is the internet censored because of public pressure or bias opinion, but anything on the television is also censored because of that. As anyone can easily say, the television is a really good source of entertainment. You can find some good cartoons, some dramas, reality shows, and even the news where you can hear about the most recent things thats happening in the world or in your local area. The television is just there to occupy time and be the savior of boredom or a source of opinion from the news.

When they televise the news or play anything through the airwaves of the radio, its already been through the stages of what it should be. As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website has said, its congress (the government) who has given them the power to regulate certain forms of media (including t.v. and radio). They have established what can and cannot be said through the air waves or be broadcasted. They have set times in being a certain way like using profanity. They have defined whats indecent or obscene is in their terms. That if anything has been said or done incorrectly then those who broke the rules can be in serious trouble.

An advantage to the FCC regulating them is that practically everything has been given an okay that its safe to watch or listen to without having to worry about hearing something truly offensive. So when people are for it, they say that they don't mind watching shows that have been possibly altered and fixed up to meet a governmental approval of viewing standard, and its okay. Those in favor would not be exposed to what it could be without the government intervening in what is programmed or aired. That if anything crude was said, we would know that those who said it would be...
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