Junk Food

Topics: Nutrition, Fat, Obesity Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: February 14, 2011
We all know that junk food is not the best for our body; we even call it "junk.". The term was coined by the Center for Science director, Michael Jacobson, in 1972. Since then, the term has been commonly used. junk food is saturated with fats, sodium, and calories and their nutritional value is very low, yet, it's one of the most common foods found in India and is what most people eat in a regular basis because of its availability and price.

Part of the success of junk food is that it looks much better than it is. Usually these food packages are bright, colorful, and attractive overall. They are widely available in all kinds of shapes and sizes in every nook and corner. Burgers, fries, potato chips, soda, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets are just some of the most common examples.

Your skin needs a balanced diet to stay healthy, and a diet based in junk food is not balanced at all. Fatty acids are an essential element that contributes to a healthy skin, and unfortunately, junk food rarely contains any. Fatty acids are not the only nutritional element junk food lacks. High quality proteins, fiber, vitamins and mineral are other nutrients that are needed by your organism and are not found often in most junk foods. This is one of the reasons why people eating junk food regularly, are often obese, have dental cavities and are more vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, and hearth disorders to name a few.

Health problems related to a poor diet cost lakhs of rupees annually in treatments. This money could spend better if people are educated in terms of food and diet.

Well, from today lets start to learn how to read the labels and make it a criteria as a consumer. Next, be always mindful of what we feed our body with. We should always make it a challenge to stay as healthy as possible….for medical bills are more expensive than junk food.

It is also necessary to encourage people and society in general to make them understand what is hygienic and...
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