Junk Food

Topics: Nutrition, School, Education Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: October 14, 2012
I believe it should not be banned. For one thing they will try to smuggle it in and that's not a good thing either. Second of all, it's not going to solve child obeisity because they will just turn around and eat it at home. We should try and teach them better eating habits. Which brings me to my next point. When schools are teaching these things, they should try and make it more interesting. I think most schools are still on the food pyramid and such which in my opinion is boring. Kids don't want to listen to that kind of thing. Also, they can try things like you have to buy one healthy thing before they buy a junk food. And my last point, schools should try and make the healthy things taste better. There are some schools with awful food which makes the kids want to buy junk food. Therefore junk food should not be banned in schools. Instead find interesting alternatives to teach healthy eating habits.

i dnt think there is any need to bann it....it is all fine if students get some new taste .......why it shud be banned???student only spend few hours in school and if they have it then there is no big deal........

No, junk food should NOT be banned in school cafeterias.
Firstly, banning junk food can result in binging later on. Every human nature wants more, when things are taken away from them. Taking away junk food from children will be ENCOURAGING them to want more junk food than they would have desired before. Then, without noticing, school WILL be encouraging the children to want more. People say that junk food is the leading cause of childhood’s obesity. However, wouldn’t banning junk food become the new leading cause because the children will desire it more? It’s like cigarettes. Just because some places are banned for smoking, do you think that they WILL NOT smoke out of that area? It stops nothing. In fact, it encourages more of it. Secondly, schools should educate children about healthy choice and encourage them to participate to physical...
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