Jumpin Jack Flash

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Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Management Skills
In the chapter closing case Jack Armstrong used many skills when he was a VP at the consumer products firm. Among the skills that Jack utilized was technical, interpersonal, diagnostic, communication, decision-making and time management skills. Jack used technical skills to understand what it was he needed to do within the company. Interpersonal skills were used when he was interacting with the designers and the people involved in the production of the product. Diagnostic skills were needed to design the product and to figure out the placement of the antenna. Communication skills were used when communication with various people throughout the project. Jack also used decision-making skills when he chose a manufacturing facility and when he rushed the project. Jack tried to use time-management skills; he did use them, but not effectively. He did not plan for circumstances that may arise. Along with time-management, conceptual skills should have been used. This would have allowed Jack to think more strategically when dealing with delays. Special Assignment

Jack should have looked at the big picture within the company before he took the new job. The president of overseas operations was thinking that Jack had time-management, conceptual skills. Operations management involves these skills as well as skills in communication, leading and planning. Helpful skills

The skills that would have been helpful for Jack would have been planning and decision making skills. Jack did not plan for bumps in the road. He was not organized and tried to rush things along. Being organized and using diagnostic, conceptual and time-management skills would have been helpful for this situation.
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