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Topics: Obesity, Human rights, Ethics Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Herbalife: Ethical Issues
Herbalife is a company selling herbal products for health and dietary purposes. In order to do this, the company recruits interested people to help them sell their products. The way in which ***** is done is however questioned for its apparent unethical nature. ***** aspects of the case, toge*****r with the ethical issues *****volved, are discussed below. Ethics

Donaldson (127-128) provides three broad *****ories of ethics that can be applied to the situation ***** Herbalife. The first of these is deontology. According to this theory, a sense of duty accompanies all actions. This dictates that some acts ***** morally obligatory, regardless of the practical or economic consequences of such an act. The second **********y pertains to rights. Especially during the new millennium, the issue of human rights has been at ***** top ***** business agendas. This then is also one of the major theories regarding ethics in business. Finally Donaldson cites utilitarianism as the third major theory ***** ethics. This entails the idea of rightness in terms of more good than ill being produced through the actions taken. Deontology

If each of the above *****ories is applied to the ***** *****, it becomes clear that ***** norms of accepted business ***** are not followed in this situation. ***** ***** of ***** *****, the ***** offense committed by Herbalife is its nondisclosure. Its "Work From Home" advertisements attached to telephone poles and o*****r public places for example feature only a toll free number, with no associated company name. When the number is dialed, a recorded message *****vites the caller to leave mailing in*****mation. A booklet is *****n mailed containing s*****ries of successes ***** the company. Th***** is a ***** inst*****nce of dishonesty, as very few people actually do attain ***** fabulous levels of success purported by these **********. Further***** there are the costs and initial investments ***** are ***** disclosed until...
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