Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte

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Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte

This world has seen many great leaders and emperors but two of them standout a little more than the others. Their names are Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte. Both men were highly respected and greatly feared. They also ran great empires that spanned over thousands of miles. They wanted to rule and conquer anything they could. They have many similarities and differences in the way they ruled and conquered. Their empires were so big that there came a time where they couldn’t control it and their reign came to an end. Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte have molded and shaped the way rulers and leaders should rule over their empires.

Julius Caesar was born in Rome and the year of his birth is not certain but the two years that most historians say he was born in were 102 and 100 b.c. (vroma.org, roman-colosseum.info). He was born into a noble family that lived in Rome. He was about sixteen when his father died. He married a woman by the name of Cornelia and her father was a very important political figure (www.vroma.org). Caesar was told to divorce his wife because the Roman leader at the time wanted to marry her but he didn’t so he went into exile. He stayed in exile until his well to do friends and family got a pardon for Julius. Julius first came to power after he saved a citizens life he was awarded the civic crown. He was sent on missions that he completed to climb up the chain of power. After completing these tasks he became a lawyer and was known around the streets of Rome as an eloquent speaker. One historian states that when he was traveling he was kidnapped and held for ransom because he was such a high political figure. While he was being held he told the men he would find them and kill them all. After he was released he tracked them down and killed each and every one of the pirates (www.vroma.org). In the year 72 B.C....
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