Ju/"Hoansi Culture

Topics: Hunting, United States, New Jersey Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The reading by Lee about the Ju/”hoansi’s really shows the idea and understanding of how daily life is for them. It demonstrates a clear perspective of their daily lifestyle, and culture, but it was really interesting to learn about their hunting lifestyle. When you put the life of people in suburban New Jersey together with the lifestyle of the Ju/”hoansi , there seems to be a few similarities and also some differences.

The hunting lifestyle of the Ju/”hoansi seems much more difficult than the life in suburban New Jersey. The Ju/”hoansi would have to travel many miles in order to get food. The more desirable the food is, the further they have to travel. For example, the more desirable food would usually be meat, so the hunters would have to travel miles and miles to find giraffes, and even warthogs. Women would usually go nearby in search of less desirable things such as berries and nuts.

However, the hunting in the suburban area of New Jersey is a bit different. Meat is a little easier to obtain. For example, men go out fishing at nearby ponds, or they just go into the woods hunting for animals. Hunting is more convenient for them because they have better weapons such as guns and fishing rods. These can be easily bought at stores. The Ju/”hoansi people have to make their own weapons. They need to correctly make spears, bows and arrows. So basically, that makes hunting a bit more of a hassle. Also, if someone in the suburban New Jersey area needs food for their family fast, they are able to drive to a grocery store. They are even able to carry those groceries easier with shopping carts, whereas Ju/”hoansi people have to either carry them on their backs or fetch them by hand.

Even though there seems to be a lot of differences between these two cultures, there is also some similarities. For example, usually when a hunter comes back with meat, he is praised. Everyone thanks him for his good work. Same thing with a father coming back from a day of fishing...
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