Js Prom Turn over of Responsibility

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SPEECH: Turnover of the Key of Responsibility

I may say that this prestigious evening, this 17th day of February in the year 2012, will be greatly rated for being one of the most grand blockbuster film in our lives. In a few more episodes, we, seniors, will undergo to more difficult tapings and pictorials because we will encounter a greater production; more actors to be met and more roles to be performed. And of course, one thing is for is for sure, we are always the writer of our own story. As for now, let’s congratulate ourselves for we all have been doing so great to make this tale as fulfilling as we want and as adventurous as we make it.

When I made my first step in this school way back my freshman year, one thing I can’t forget is our innocent selves just like a blind man who seeks the right path, looking for the light behind the darkness of that innocence. In four years of staying here in this institution, I may conclude that counting the wonderful moments that we shared in our high school days is an incredible one. Yes, even giving of any sizes of paper during quizzes, during breaks and being “pasaway” in front of our teachers, all are considered factors that made this experience complete and of course, a perfect one. We have encountered many things as high school students but still our journey will not stop after this stage. And I’m very proud that we never lost hope when failures and disappointments come to our way. We already did our part being the senior’s because we defended what we love, and fought for what we believe in.

At this juncture, being the class President of the seniors, it’s my privilege to pass on the key of responsibility to you juniors. Juniors, in few more days, your job will be to continue our unfinished tasks as we sail in our respective ships to discover new oceans. Responsibility is the key in order for you to succeed. Expect the worst situation but always strive for the best. Consider such challenges as a blessing....
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