Journeys Reflection Sheet

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Reflection statement.

Creating my Vlog was a difficult however rewarding task due to the technological processes involved. I under took many steps to create my Vlog such as learning how to use editing programs and various other software on my computer as well as creating a Youtube account. I found the task of editing quite problematic at first but as I explored the program and went online to research how to use the software I guided my self in the right direction. After going online I quickly understood how to use the soft wear. After I had learnt how to use the editing soft wear the rest was easy. All I had to do was fill the video and place the clips on to the time line.

In my video Vlog I aimed to show physical, inner and spiritual journeys that are seen in my visual and written text and how I had gained a greater understanding on the theme of Journeys. In my Vlog I attempt to provide the audience with insight into my poem through exploring the essential message and demonstrating my new found knowledge of language techniques such as oxymoron’s and enjambments. When discussing my visual text, ‘Into the Wild’ I intended to communicate the visual representation of the protagonist as well as the spiritual journey he undertook. Camera angles assist in showing his insignificance within the world by using airel shots when he is kayaking down the remote stretches of the Colorado River and enhancing the magnitude of his physical journey by taking long distance shots, showing how far he has left to go.

From completing this task I have discovered how a journey can be taken. A journey can be taken in spiritual, physical, emotional, imaginative, inner, historical, cultural, intellectual means amongst many others. In my Vlog I have been looking at physical, imaginative and inner journeys as an area of focus. I have personally learnt what journeys mean to me as at first I didn’t have much of an under standing. I now know that these branches of ‘journeys’ are...
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