Journeys Essay/Speech

Topics: Mind, Rhetorical question, Question Pages: 4 (1159 words) Published: June 15, 2008
I think that journeys are a really important aspects to all of our lives because they apply to everybody, once a journey starts you cant escape it, all journeys big and small can be unpredictable but all have a positive aspect of being a learning experience. Today’s speech will focus on imaginative journeys and how I have used three different perspectives to develop the concept of a journey.

Imagination refers to a persons mind forming images or concepts of external objects not immediately present to the senses or not directly experienced. Journeys can change values, ideas and aspirations. Imaginative journeys can lead to discoveries beyond the physical, being unpredictable and dangerous at times. They can be seen as catalysts for change.

My concept of journeys has been developed through the study of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, the movie “Click” and the song lyrics “In the arms of the angel”. These texts have shown that imaginative journeys can be inspired by magical elements, and can be thought provoking and dangerous.

Shakespeare’s use of stage direction, motif and rhetorical question leads the audience to examine the relationships between the physical experiences and the imaginative journey of memory and journey in their aftermath.

“A tempestuous noise of thunder and lightening heard.” This opening scene of a life threatening, violent tempest dramatically demands the imagination of the audience. The storm is symbolic of destruction of the natural order and is the beginning of the journey for the passengers of the vessel. The audience’s imagination is immediately engaged in a scene that generates a sense of mystery and imagination to speculate what events will follow.

When the boatswain yells at Antonio “A plague upon this howling! They are louder than the weather or our office. Yet again? What do you here? Shall we give O’er and drown? Have you a mind to sink.” and Antonio angrily replies “Hang Cur, hang you whoreson” this

makes the...
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