Journey to Plant World

Topics: Plant, Sleep deprivation, Nature Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: June 30, 2012
My Journey to the Plant World

It has been 5 months since I’ve started studying Botany. This is not my first encounter to this subject. We’ve studied it when I was in High school. But I can say that there is a big difference between the Botany that time and the Botany that I’m taking up today. This is more on the detailed version of studying plants. Every bit of its structure, history, habitat and everything in between is being studied. And to be honest, this is more difficult and brain-draining subject. You have to study a whole lot of coverage in the book for one long quiz. You have to memorize every detail in the life cycle of a plant you’ve never even seen yet. You have to memorize loads of scientific names of plants mostly unfamiliar to you. And you have to not only memorize the scientific and common names but also the location of the plant/tree for a practical test. These are just but a few of the experiences I had while taking up the subject, Botany.

But despite all these, the hardships and sacrifices, those times when I’ve become a walking dead due to lack of sleep or even no sleep at all, and those times when I had to cram ‘coz I haven’t finished studying the lesson yet, I can’t deny that Botany still has its entertaining side. I had fun while drawing all the specimens, when I got to learn unfamiliar plants and realize how beautiful they are, when read about plants and how they grow or interact with other organisms and of course, the latest event we had, the Amazing Race, which was tiring yet very entertaining. In short, Botany made me see how beautiful our Mother Nature is. It made me realize how I have not been very appreciative of the things around me.

My journey to the world of Botany has been very educational, tiring and fun all at the same time. Not only the subject itself gave joy to me being a student of Biology, but also the professors who were with us all throughout this time. They were the ones who guided us as we have our...
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