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Topics: Parent, Mother, 2006 albums Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: March 20, 2013
As a young girl I remember playing with dolls it was one of my favorite things to do. Dressing them playing with them, naming them, and taking care of them was a whole days worth of work. I went from playing with baby dolls to growing up and having my own child to take care of. Becoming a mother young was the biggest life changing experience of my life. This journey has taught me responsibility, how to deal with struggles, fears, opportunities, and hopes. At first I taught it would all be about the fun things I would do with my daughter and all the things I would teach her. Instead it taught me not to put myself first, and how truly lazy I can be.

All adults deserve “me time” and have time to just relax and focus on their selves. Although as a parent you have responsibilities that sometimes get the best of your “me time.” Having a young child is hard and you realize you can no longer put yourself first. Children need good guiding, financial support, and someone to be aware of their wellbeing. Responsibilities are never options, I need to be there and be available no matter what the cost is to myself.

Struggles are common as a parent. There is a constant lack of time, and energy usually on a daily basis. Although I often find myself wondering how I managed to find time to fit everything into my schedule. The secret to most of the struggles of being a parent is staying organized and handling every situation to the best of your ability. Parenting isn’t easy so you have to learn to overcome struggles, stay calm, and keep trying in order to succeed.

There are many fears that are apart of being a parent. As grown people we face fears every day, problems that we sometimes cannot overcome. Becoming a parent makes your problems minimal compared to when your child is facing problems as well. Motherhood is the constant thought of your child and making sure of their wellbeing before anything else. Its true when your parents say that you will someday understand when...
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