Jouranl Artice Review

Topics: Medical history, Patient, Natural environment Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Journal Article Review #1
‘A guide to taking a patient’s history’ is an article that was published in the Nursing Standard Journal, in the December 5, 2007 volume 22, issue13, pages 42-48 written by Hilary Lloyd and Stephen Craig. In this article Lloyd and Craig provides a complete in depth overview of taking a patient’s history related to nursing. This article outlines how to clearly ask certain questions that should be asked while taking a patient’s history including how to ask and what to ask. It provides an overview of cardinal symptoms for each system in the body. Summary of the Article

According to Crumbie “Taking a patient history is arguably the most important aspect of patient assessment, and is increasingly being undertaken by nurses”. Pointing out that through the assessment conducted by the nurse it allows the patient to give account of the problem through providing essential information to the nurse. Through this article Lloyd and Craig created six different topics to breakdown the article in. These include preparing the environment, communication, consent, the history taking process, and taking the history.

According to Lloyd and Craig “The first part of any history-taking process and, indeed, most interactions with patients is preparation of the environment”. The authors point out that a nurse may encounter a patient in a variety of different environments from an emergency room to a health centered clinic.   They cite Crouch and Meurier (2005), who content that the environment should be “accessible, appropriately equipped, free from distractions and safe for the patient and the nurse” (Lloyd & Craig, 2007, p. 42).  Another key point is that the respect of the patient is very important. According to Rogers “respect for the patient as an individual is an important feature of assessment, and this includes consideration of beliefs and values and the ability to remain non-judgmental and professional”. Frequently...
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