Josiah's House Rules and Regulations

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NAME_____________________________________________________MOVE IN DATE_______________

A Sober Living Home For Men

A Therapeutic Membership Only Residence
202 & 204 W. William Cannon Drive, Austin, TX 78745

Residential Membership Contract and House Rules

Your initials indicate you have read, understand, accept and will abide by these rules The purpose of this membership contract and the major House rules that follow are to inform you of your rights and what is expected of you. As a member of Josiah’s House, this will be your home for as long as you wish to reside here. Therefore, you will need to care for it accordingly. You are responsible for your own actions and respect is vital. Accountability is a common value shared by all who reside here. Willingness and cooperation are the basic requirements shared by all members of the house. Make no mistake about it. This is a zero tolerance residence. That means if you make a decision to drink, use drugs, or break any one of these rules, your membership will be canceled and you will be evicted immediately. ________ There is absolutely no smoking or any type of tobacco use indoors. ________ The total move in cost is $200.00 which is a $75 nonrefundable administration and drug testing fee, a membership payment of $125.00 per wk for rent, which will be due every Friday, or you can pay by the month which is $500.00. Your rent will be prorated according to your move in date. _______ Members are responsible for purchasing and cooking their own food, supplying their own personal hygiene items. The house will supply the following items: cleaning supplies, dish soap, toilet paper, etc. ________ There will be a weekly mandatory house meeting and you must attend to discuss matters pertinent to the house operation. ________ You must attend a A.A., N.A. or C.A. meeting at least three times a week, have a sponsor and be working on your recovery because sobriety is our primary purpose. There will be no exceptions; violation could result in eviction from house. ________ Everyone will have a house chore to be completed on a daily or weekly basis. Daily chores must be completed by 12pm (noon). Weekly chores by Sunday evening at 8:00pm. ________ House chores will be delegated by the House Manager. One example of a house chore is garbage duty, picking up the yard and parking area of trash and taking out the garbage. All trash bins must be placed on the far side of the driveway along the neighboring property fence line every Monday evening because the disposal truck will pick up very early Tuesday morning. ________ No one will be allowed to remain in bed past 9:00am Monday through Friday (Unless you have a verifiable night job). On Saturday and Sunday, you may stay in bed as long as you wish. ________ If you don't have a job you will be required to be out of the house by 8:00am looking for work. ________ If you are suspected of use, you will be required to submit a urine sample for testing. If the test comes back positive, you will pay for it. ________ Testing may be conducted at any time by manager or owners. Refusal of a urinalysis is considered admission of guilt and you will be evicted. ________ There will be no period of time for you to prepare to leave the property. Based on your attitude at the time, you must leave the property within the hour (no matter the time or weather conditions or transportation problems), nor will you be allowed to enter your room without the house manager present. ________ If anyone in the house suspects another member of using and does not notify the house manager, he will be held responsible and evicted along with the accused. It’s not “snitching”. It’s protecting your and everyone else in the house’s health and welfare. ________ Your personal property will be gathered and packed up to be placed in a storage area by the house manager only. You will have a 7-day period of time from the date of your eviction to return...
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