Josh Bernstein and His Pyramid Adventures

Topics: Egyptian pyramids, Egypt, Zahi Hawass Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Egypt's pyramid

It is important for Josh Bernstein to investigate the pyramid structures as it one of the most fascinating and interesting structures of our time. It holds more mystery into where we come from, the culture and past of the way the people of the desert lived.

In the case of Egypt’s pyramid the pyramids truly hold the vault of questions towards multiple Anthropology subgenres, but the most prominent is Archaeology. One major question that is above them all, is how in a world of sticks and copper tools did they manage to build a monument that today with our technology we can not even begin to build? Josh Bernstein attempted to answer these questions by talking to multiple sources, Like John Vanhawken the man who believes that the dwellers who escaped the fate of Atlantis came and constructed these monuments for its people. While others like Zahi Hawass believe that the Egyptians did in fact create the pyramids. Zahi Hawass has strong evidence as they have uncovered multiple tombs, pharaohs inside as well as copper tools and his most important piece of evidence is in the fifth floor resides markings behind the stones that have initials and one of the groups that helped construct the amazing structures. But on the other hand John Vanhawken has evidence such as the structure size that we cannot build with todays technology, How they are aligned exactly with Orion stars suggest that no civilization was capable of such accuracy.

But, after finding this substantial evidence of Zahi Hawass Josh sets out to see if it is truly possible to move and cut the limestone with such accuracy that Zahi had suggested. In his findings he found substantial evidence of Physical Anthropology. Upon visiting the quarry he found the workers practising the same techniques the Egyptians showed 5 000 years prior. This, although being small showed significantly high intelligence and technique when it came to the time period. The Egyptians had created ways to cut limestone...
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