Joseph Mccarthy

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Jazmin Aguilar
1st 3/14/2013
Senator Joseph McCarthy Notes
1. McCarthy was a Wisconsin farm boy that didn’t graduate high school until 21. 2. McCarthy was one of the youngest senator’s in history. 3. He was the most feared politician in that time.

4. American’s worried about communist operating in their government. 5. McCarthy charges Dorothy, an old women, of being a communist. 6. The community of republicans supported McCarthy.

7. McCarthy attacked anyone who went against him.
8. Everyone who attacked McCarthy was accused of being communist or being friends with a communist. 9. On November 14, 1908 McCarthy was born.
10. McCarthy was a remarkable and bright as a child.
11. He leaves school at 8 to work in his family’s farm. 12. McCarthy finished high school in one year.
13. In 1930, McCarthy goes to college.
14. McCarthy held 3 jobs to pay for college.
15. He graduates college on June 1935.
16. McCarthy runs as a democrat, but then switches to republicans when he ran for something else. 17. At 21, he is the youngest senator in history.
18. On Dec. 7 1941 was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. 19. He joins the United States Marines.
20. He is sent to South pacific during his time in the war. 21. In Feb. 1949, he resigns from the marines.
22. McCarthy defeats follet in the primary.
23. McCarthy takes up some Veteran issues, since he is a veteran. 24. He was a really open man when it came to the press.
25. Stalin declares that one day communist will rule the world. 26. Hunting communist spies are a very popular in the headlines. 27. “Our government is being infiltrated by communists” was said in McCarthy’s speech. 28. In 1950 the rate of communism is more fearful.

29. By the end of 1950, McCarthy became very powerful.
30. McCarthy dies at 49 from hepatitis.
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