Joseph Mallord William Turner - Romantic Era

Topics: J. M. W. Turner, Romanticism, Landscape art Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Romantic Era
The Romantic Era of artistry started in around the early 1800’s. It was a retaliation of The Age of Enlightenment and the growing industrialization. Through this time many artists picked up this unique style of art and painting, playing in to their own individual expression. It was an era that was known as the point of breaking the academic of art tradition. This style of art work strayed from the trend of artistry that was being portrayed throughout the county. It strayed from established values and revolted against the social norm, becoming a massive movement against political matters. Depending on the country of the artists, the Romantic period had slightly different meanings but still held the key foundation of going against the crowd. An artist that stood out among the many individuals of this time that I thought to be a great example of this period was Joseph Mallord William Turner or just simply J.M.W Turner. As far as Romanticism goes J.M.W was one of the most well-known landscape painters in England. His style consisted of oil painting, watercolors, and etching. J.M.W was born 1775, his artistic career launched at the young age of 12 with his first painting, leading him to the road of success. Not long after was he accepted into The Royal Academy where he gained more knowledge of print coloring, architecture, and design. He was sought after often for his art work. Through his career he went through different ways of expressing his talent when painting. At the beginning of his career the work itself consisted of more detailed objects but as time moved forward his focus turned towards accentuating color and light. His beginning inspiration for Romanticism consisted of two masterful artists by the names of Richard Wilson and John Robert Cozens who were too part of the movement of Romanticism and landscape artist. J.M.W. style of design when it came to watercolors derived off of Turner’s use of making eerie atmospheres...
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