Joseph Campbell

Topics: Religion, Mythology, Joseph Campbell Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Joseph Campbell
Gayley Rousseau
Psychology 300
February 18, 2013

Joseph Campbell
The psychosocial, theoretical, and personality traits, of Joseph Campbell have all played significant roles in his overall personality development. He has spent the majority of his life studying and teaching based on his quest for knowledge about the similarities between mythology and religion and to make sense of the ethos of dreams. Mr. Campbell was born in 1904 to an upper middle class Irish Catholic family who recognized his gifts early in life. His father was a major influence in his early years and provided many opportunities for his young son to flourish. While visiting the American Museum of Natural History as a child young Joseph became fascinated with the Native American culture. This fascination became a lifelong passion over the years and led him on a journey of enlightenment to be comparable to many religious prophets. Joseph began his formative education in a Roman Catholic parochial school and later attended both Columbia and Dartmouth Universities as his thirst for knowledge and enlightenment would not be sated. He traded his initial mathematics major in for one of humanities and never looked back. Although his early beliefs were in alignment with the Roman Catholic Church it wasn’t until he reached his early 20’s and traveled to Europe that the introduction to Eastern religions became his new passion. While living abroad in Paris and Munich and studying Romance Philology and Sanskrit Joseph became greatly influenced by the contemporary European intellectual scene. The writings of Freud and Jung and their theories of dreaming and the unconscious became of particular interest and a natural segue into understanding the difference between the dream state and religious doctrine vs. religious beliefs and how they affect our reality through dreams. Joseph Campbell’s personality traits played an important role in the man he eventually became. He was a friendly and...
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