Joseph's Story

Topics: Enzyme, Cell membrane, Protein Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Joseph’s Story

List Joseph’s risk factors and create a brief summary of the information you have so far. Identify how his risk factors would affect cellular functions. His risk factors are, stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, smoking and, family history of vascular disease. Smoking will affect mitosis by changing its process and altering the cycle of cell regeneration and division. Assuming Joseph’s heart stopped, what cellular functions are going to be affected by the loss of oxygen, blood glucose, and waste removal? All cells will work hard burning up ATP. Carbon dioxide starts to build in cells and PH balance will drop. Cells will die and active transport pumps shut down the plasma membrane of his heart. Cell become leaky, and sodium will leak into cells and potassium leaks out. Which intracellular organelles have membranes as part of their structure? How would the breakdown of membranes of these structures affect the function of Joseph’s heart cells? All intracellular organelles have membranes as part of their structure. If the membrane breaks down in the structures they will affect the function of the heart. Calcium ATP’s will stop moving calcium from cytosol into endoplasmic reticulum of the cardiac muscle cells. When calcium builds up it causes protease to spill into the inside of the cells. Enzymes will bond inside vesicles start to digest the plasma membrane.

Joseph’s heart attack has caused the function of his cells to change. What type of proteins in the cells membrane was involved in the homeostatic imbalance of the heart cells? Proteins rise then fall. Channels open allowing an inward flow of sodium ions changing electrochemical gradient, causing a rise in membrane potential. Causing more channels to open, then causing a bigger electric current eventually causes plasma membrane to reverse. Two important pieces of information- the instructions Joseph’s body need to repair itself and the predisposition for vascular disease- are both contained...
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