Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Topics: Learning, Gull, Jonathan Livingston Seagull Pages: 1 (437 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Jonathan Livingston was a unique bird. For the ordinary ones, they valued eating more than anything else but for young Jonathan seagull, he was amused with flying. He wants to soar above the clouds in seek for perfection and excellence, so he spends his days learning more about speed and flight, at the expense of his own appetite. Knowing this, his parents are dismayed about what he was doing. They wanted Jonathan to be like the others, but he could not make it work. Growing tired of fixing things that aren’t supposed to be fixed, Jonathan decided to pursuit his own dream: the passion for flight. He experimented with all sorts of areal feats, however challenging. One day, he was called by the Elders to stand to the center of Shame After being reprimanded, he argued with the Elders about learning being a good thing and that it must not be prohibited to those who wanted to take the opportunity. Then he was sent away to the Far Cliffs as an outcast.

He flew away far from the Far Cliffs and spent the rest of his days alone. He learned more different techniques every day. His knowledge led him to dive in a high-speed and to find a rare and tasty fishes and other advantages that an ordinary gull can’t do. One day, as he was on a flight alone, two perfectly gulls took him to heaven. There he learned so many techniques in flying at a tremendous rate and also some lessons about life. When Chiang, the great Gull, left him and told him about the difference of heaven and perfection, Jonathan thought that there might be gulls back on Earth who would be able to learn, so he decided to come back to Earth and teach the other gulls who also wanted to learn. Jonathan understands that the perfection cannot be attained without the ability to forgive and understanding life. He then meets Fletcher Lynd Seagull, his first student and an Outcast as Jonathan once was. In that time, Jonathan talked to Fletcher and said that he must not just believe in eyes because all they tell you was...
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