John's Model of Structural Reflection on Clinical Placement

Topics: Feeling, Patient, Knowledge Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Throughout my final 3 weeks at my placement, I have grown and overcome so many obstacles. I have accomplished a wide range of skills since the beginning and have been improving on them as I gained experience. During this placement and throughout my experiences and skills, I have realized that I enjoy working with geriatric patients. I feel as though they don’t have family around all the time so they enjoy having someone there to talk with them and help them. At the end of every day I feel that as a future Nurse this job will be very rewarding when helping someone in need.

Throughout this entire clinical placement I have encountered helping people every day. The majority of my days ranged from performing a bed bath or sitting down for a nice conversation with patients. By performing a bed bath and making the patient feel comfortable and refreshed made me feel a great sense of success. I felt very proud of my work as I could tell the patient felt very comfortable and relaxed. I also spent a section of my days communicating with a cognitive patient. The patient informed me that he didn’t have many family members who visited much, so being able to sit and talk and laugh with the patient made me feel happy keeping the patient company. A part of me also felt sad as it seemed the patient felt lonely and missed his family. I sat for hours and spoke with him about his life, lived experiences, family, work and friends. He kept emphasizing on how great of life he lived which made me do a lot of thinking of whether or not I’m living my life to the fullest. It caused me to make some changes in order to feel I have completed what makes me happy. Some of the consequences that could arise if un-professional actions were to be used may possibly result in the patient feeling uncomfortable talking to me about certain topics. Some other consequences could be patient infection or lack of comfort due to improper techniques used during bathing. Since I reacted properly, the...
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